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Helping you unleash your sexual potential

because every woman should be an expert on her own body

Shalis Fest 2019
was transformative...

Together we learned, danced, laughed, cried...

...and Shalis Fest 2020 is set to be as great. Get your tickets now. 

Join the ever-growing community of sexually conscious women,

and start taking the destiny of your pleasure in your own hands 

Shalis Fest is refreshing and fascinating experience! It was brilliant! My life will never be the same! Thank you Shalis Institute, you guys are my heroes! 

Thank you Shalis Institute for an amazing knowledge about conscious sexuality. The speakers you have are incredible. 

I have been to many events dedicated to sex and women, but Shalis Fest was above all! The most interesting experts, eye-opening and really thought-provoking information and incredible atmosphere!

Shalis Fest has completely changed the way I see sex and the way I see myself. Why aren’t those things taught at school?! Thank you Shalis Institute, it was magical! 

An Immersive Online Experience


Your sex life can be better.

Find out how at Shalis Fest 2020.

Discover your wildest potential and learn sexuality secrets that every conscious woman must know about!

Conscious sexuality

is the act of continuous awakening to a more profound and expansive understanding of your sexuality.

The holistic definition of sexuality comprises the three layers of physical, emotional and the spiritual experiences. 

At Shalis we help you to immerse yourself in these three layers. 

The physical experience is characterised by

  • living in tune with your body’s wisdom

  • valuing your right to pleasure

  • being knowledgeable of your pleasure anatomy and hormonal cycles.


The emotional experience is a state of

  • deep connection with your feelings and true desires without shame and guilt

  • welcoming trustful erotic relationships that are honest, present and profoundly intimate

  • mindfulness in your experiences, intentions and communications.


The third layer is the spiritual one, where

  • your sexual energy is experienced as a life-force energy

  • you enter an open intuitive state of infinite creative fulfilment

  • you are able to reach a higher state of consciousness.

What is Conscious Sexuality?

The 25st of July, 10.00 

Our Vision Mission & Commitment

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