What do we do?

Shalis Institute is an educational platform that transforms outdated perceptions of sexuality and embraces an innovative approach to contemporary sexual awakening.
Our experts from multiple disciplines challenge modern misconceptions, share life-changing knowledge, and focus on health, body literacy, erotic intelligence and the science of sexuality. Through dynamic online courses, an ever-growing library of educational materials, a full calendar of insightful events, and other astute curricula, we aim to bring long-lasting structural changes to our society.  


A world where sex education introduces conscious sexuality: a balance between pleasure and responsibility.


A world where sexuality is 

recognised as a delicate mind-body connection and our sexual desires are 



A world devoid of gender bias in sexuality, where every woman can fulfil their true potential without limitations.


To normalize discussion about sexuality and pleasure, remove social taboos related to sexuality and introduce holistic sex education as a fundamental principle of human development.


To make every woman an expert on her own body, bring equality in sexual entitlement and make every woman believe that her sexual energy and authentic sexual self-expression are sacred.


To create a global community of like-minded individuals around us, a network of orgasmic women, who will safely share their most intimate experiences, support each other and spread the values of conscious sexuality. 



An economist who graduated from the University of Cambridge and went on to pursue her career in oil and gas and a VC fund. With her experience in organizing Forbes conferences Ksenia decided to channel her drive into creating large-scale events that educate women. 


Womb artist who dedicated her life to exploring feminine consciousness and challenging modern narratives of sexuality. During her years in Architectural Association (AA), Alexandra created a ‘Micro-institution for women’ dedicated to protecting women’s rights in Mexico. 


Sasha is a Politics and Law graduate with a passion for modern approaches to sex and family life. Being a healthy mind promoter, she has organised a number of fundraising events for British charities and made it her mission to transform the society.

Who We Are

 Evolve your Sexuality & Embrace your true self!