Shalis Fest July 2020 online

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25 Jul 2020, 10:20 – 20:00 BST
Online Event

About the Event

We are all on a lifetime journey, by making sex a conscious part of it, you can make your whole life better – filled with more pleasure, power and connection.

  • Sexuality is first and foremost about your relationship with yourself. This is the most important relationship you’ll ever have because it’s your only truly lifelong relationship. It’s where you do your most important work – your learning, growing and healing.
  • Much of our sexuality is learned, absorbed throughout our lifetime - we learn from our culture how to have sex, what’s acceptable, what’s taboo and what it means to be a woman. In other worlds, while sex is natural it’s very much learnable and we can learn how to get better at it. We can unlearn bad habits and acquire new skills, whether it is horse riding, speaking a foreign language, or having amazing sex.
  • In our culture, our sexual atlas has lots of missing pages, and a lot of maps that exist are misleading. We’re especially challenged in our understanding of women, including both the specifics of female body and more immaterial concepts such as feminine energy and power. Finding helpful and transformative information about female sexuality is challenging.

This Shalis Fest we will help you to re-write your sexual story, reveal the mysteries of the feminine energy and explore capabilities of the female body. Discover your wildest potential and learn sexuality secrets thatevery conscious woman “must” know about.

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